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My Mission, Purpose, & Passion:

Equip & empower women with the clarity, confidence, and sustainable action plan needed to


Hi, I'm Victoria! 

Vision + Mindfulness Coach

As a coach and trusted guide I support women who are fed up living a life without vision and purpose - they’re ready to stop playing small and being afraid to take action with intention!

Through my work, I equip and empower women with the crystal-clear clarity, unshakable mindset, powerful tools, and sustainable action plan that won't lead to burnout - all of which is essential to realize their version of a victorious life. My clients are emerging women leaders who are early freelancers, entrepreneurs, or professionals yet high-achieving, life-long learners that are committed to their personal growth and refuse to settle for average. They relate to the idea of going through the motions, without purpose, clarity and alignment. They know there is so much more to this life than what we see on the surface, but they just haven’t quite been able to unearth all of it on their own. 

I’m immensely passionate about this work because it is in my nature to connect with and be of service to others, and because I have experienced firsthand some of the darkest moments in life but I’ve not only survived - I am thriving! Through trauma, abuse, and the peaks and valleys, I have left my past behind me though believing that it all happened for me, to step out of a constant state of victimhood and show up every day committed to my dreams, and to feeling joy, love, peace, abundance, optimism, gratitude, and absolutely limitless!

My prayer for you is to experience the same, because I know it’s possible! Now I need you to believe that we ALWAYS have a choice, whether it seems like it or not!

Without exception, anyone (yes, that means YOU) can





The Confident Woman Collective, Founding Guide & Brand Ambassador

The Collective is a community of women, for women, by women whose mission is to lift each other up so we can collectively rise together and step into who we’re created to be—The Confident Woman

Victoria delivers content on the topics of:

Vision-Casting - which includes creating a powerful Vision Board you will actually manifest
Goal-Setting - that takes a more intuitive and thoughtful approach 
Mindset - rewriting and rewiring your limiting beliefs and stories to take you from Victim to            Victorious(TM) quickly 
Mindfulness - the importance of slowing down and pausing, in order to prevent burnout, and spring forward 
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BADASS DO-GOODERS, Founding Member

Badass DoGooders is a LEAGUE of heart-driven entrepreneurs, creators, and changemakers on a mission to positively impact our communities, the world and each other. ❤️🖤

I am honored, thrilled, and proud to be a founding member! 🎖
My superpower is equipping women with clarity and confidence to realize their version of a VICTORIOUS LIFE!
As well as working to rid our planet 🌎 of Human Trafficking, bringing peace, light, love, and FREEDOM!

Follow @badassdogooders for more ways to do good.

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Ways I Can Support You

I'd be honored to share my experience, education, and training to serve you on your journey of self discovery, envisioning, and being present in every area of your life without self-judgment

Online Community

Join a community of heart-centered, vision-driven, inspiring women who hold one another high and refuse to hang on to their victim story for another minute!

You can expect to experience: acceptance, accountability, and sisterhood!


1:1 Half-Day Intensives

A great introduction to one-on-one coaching or for when you just need a quick (but deep dive) reset!

Choose between a focus on Vision or Mindfulness for this 4 hour session 


1:1 Private Coaching

For those that are ready to invest in themselves and go ALL IN on finding vision for all of the areas of her life, having accountability and close guidance along the journey, developing a rock solid mindset along with an action plan & tools needed in order to REALIZE YOUR VICTORIOUS LIFE!


Envisioning & Vision Board Workshops

Realize your crystal-clear vision along with a detailed vision board for all seven domains of your life using a unique facilitated process! This isn't just cutting out magazine images and gluing them to a poster board - it's so much more!


Offerings for Leaders & Teams

Are you a leader in a corporation, a small business, or a network marketing team? Are you looking for an unforgettable team function unlike any other? Choose from Envisioning & Vision Board Workshops or Mindfulness Packages.

You're READY to REALIZE YOUR VICTORIOUS LIFE if you identify with any of the following:

I'm Feeling:

> burnt out from creating SMART goals and constantly falling short 

> frustrated that I don't have a clear vision for my life 

> I've let the same old mindset & limiting beliefs hold me back 

> like I'm not enough or not using my voice

> like the world is passing me by while I wonder lost and hollow

> over all the hype & ra-ra

> tired of "the race" and "the constant busy"  without much to show for it 

> tired of beating myself up for not having any of the answers, let alone knowing which questions to ask yourself

> like life is happening TO me and I just can't catch a break 


I've Tried:

> taking a couple stabs at personal growth work previously but felt overwhelmed & lost 

> but am lacking real accountability in my life 

> but don't have someone to really walk alongside me to support in finding answers & asking better questions 

> but repeatedly held myself back from going after anything big 

> believing that life might be happening FOR me, but haven't been able to decipher the lessons and my role in them

> to think there's more to life, but don't know how to tap into it 

> soul-searching and just need some guidance, direction, & support

I'm Ready to:

> have an inspiring & sustainable action plan that won't lead me to burnout!

> find clarity, depth, and meaning in my life! 

> win my inner battles!

> find & embrace my purpose! 

> let go of unhealthy relationships! 

> invest in myself and commit to do the uncomfortable work needed in order to grow! 

> welcome in joy, peace, love, depth & meaning, courage, & passion into my life!

I'm ready to feel VICTORIOUS everyday!

"I always thought having a life coach was something millionaires did. That I was unworthy of that type of help. But Victoria has changed all of that for me. She’s more like an advocate, a partner, or your favorite teacher! My work with Victoria has already changed so much in my life. I have grown spiritually, financially, emotionally, and in so many other ways. I’m not afraid to ask for help anymore, nor do I think I’m undeserving of it. I am in control of my future and with Victoria I know it’s only going to get better and better! "

Musu S.
Professional Makeup Artist

"The visualization exercise Victoria did with me has had an amazing impact on where my business will be going."

Leslie A.
Consultant & Facilitator

"Victoria and I worked together when I was looking for a new job. Working with her, I gained additional clarity, vision and insight. I have landed a new job I am excited about. She is great at what she does and really cares about the success of others! "

Colleen McGrady
Sales Executive

"Victoria helped me so much through our guided self-compassion and mindfulness sessions. She always guided me with her warmth, generosity, and kindness. I pushed myself to be kinder in all areas of my life after learning from her."

Leslie C.
Student & Writer

"I am not usually open to suggestive relaxation and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Victoria's session. I felt myself smiling and welcoming the journey. Highly recommended!"

Karen Corthell
Finance Officer

"You're a fabulous coach, with great understanding and enlightenment!"

Michele Von Hoven
Financial Planner, Wealth Manager, Money Mentor

"Thank you so very much for leading our first group of veterans in the 12-week Mindfulness pilot program launched by our Resurrecting Lives Foundation. Honestly, your care, concern, and reverence for all that our veterans and their families had done for our nation, was key in making this pilot so very successful. Truly the written testimonials of all who participated were exceptionally gratifying. However, even more gratifying, was the way these "individuals" molded into the community so easily during the course of your meditations. The fact that you encouraged everyone to embrace his/her own creativity was key because as we understand in medicine, the opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation! Bless you, for creating such a forgiving and giving atmosphere for us all to feel safe and empowered, one hour at a time. We look forward to raising more funds to allow even more of our members to achieve a new balance through your teaching. With sincere appreciation of all, you taught us, and profound admiration of your compassion and coping mechanisms!"

Chrisanne Gordon, MD
Founder, Resurrecting Lives Foundation


Are you ready to realize your version of a victorious life? If you're ready to conquer your inner battles and create a life you love, then let's get started!

A Vision for Your Life is Paramount!

"Your vision determines your outcome."

- Gary Keesee

Television host, Author, International Speaker, Financial Expert, Entrepreneur, and Pastor

"If you're working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. Your VISION pulls you."

Steve Jobs

 Co-Founder Apple Computer, American business magnate, Industrial Designer, Investor, and Media Proprietor

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Vision with action can change the world."

Joel A. Barker

Futurist, Author, Film Maker

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Napoleon Hill 

Self-Help Author

('Think & Grow Rich', and others) 

Media + Community

I feel honored and immense gratitude anytime I have the opportunity to share my story, mission, or to be of service to others! (Click on any image to learn more)

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